Motivation Hacks For Finals


During my time as undergraduate I always managed to get assignments during the term done, and submitted on time.

However, it was always finals that caused me the most anxiety and stress. Often times it would result in a drop of the grades I built up working hard to complete assignments. This frustrated me for years. I felt like unless I learned to dominate the finals season, my mediocre grades would continue.

At the same time I saw students experiencing significantly less stress over achieving their academic goals than me. No Red Bull fuelled 14 hour study sessions, no brain-frying cramming the day of the exam, no crushing anxiety. It seemed that although they were definitely putting in lots of work, it was yielding better results for them than the soul-crushing efforts I was depending on.

Through hard work, trial and error and social networking I was able to implement the techniques these elite students were using to keep their sanity, and ultimately do LESS work, and get BETTER results when studying for finals.

Motivation during finals can be a hit or miss feeling.

One day you are pumped, ready to get work done, and focus with ease. Another, it takes 3 hours just to open Word and start typing and your mind is rabidly hunting for something to do other than what you need to do be doing.

This is not uncommon, and admittedly it can be a confusing feeling. If you suffered from low motivation, why would you work hard all semester just to blow it on the final?
For me, it came down to mental toughness, willpower, and forcing, or tricking myself into putting the work in. This only came with TRULY wanting the end result. For example, when I was in school as a means to make my peers and parents happy, I wasn’t truly motivated.


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