Revision Techniques


The first advice is to maintain a diary.

See, If you are reading a topic today then make a schedule or a reminder in your diary that exactly next week on the 8th day you must revise that topic what you have learned past week. You can use a digital calendar like google calendar to do this but then, I suggest you to maintain a book to do so. And again plan for a schedule to read the same topic after a week. As you are reading it every week it stays fresh in your mind and when you feel you are comfortable with that topic you can increase the gap from one week to two weeks or as you wish.

What is the best time to revise for exams?

As we all know, our human brain is divided into two parts(left brain and right brain). Generally when we read anything it goes directly into our left brain and we can call it as the RAM. And after that when we sleep the information from the left brain goes into our right brain and it is permanently stored there.(which requires constant reading to memorize it).

So it’s clear that the best time to revise or prepare for exams is before you go to bed. let’s say if you are sleeping at 10 pm. It’s better you read from 9 pm- 10 pm. And right after you read, just go to bed without doing anything like watching TV.

How to revise for Final Exam?

If you are starting your preparation now and your exams are in two months, you need to make weekly sessions and work according to them. See, If a topic takes two hours to prepare at the 1st try. Then it takes less than two hours at the second try. So after a few sessions of revision you will be in a position to revise that topic within few minutes.
This practice of revising topic in a regular time gap will help a lot like you may not able to concentrate for more than 2-3 hours sitting in front of books but you can make out one hour for every session you plan to revise and learn accordingly. And as you go on planning the schedules you can increase the time that you allocate for revision.

The main secret for success in the exam is not how much you learn -it is how well you have prepared your notes and how much of those notes is in your brain, how much can you recollect in your exam. At last your presentation matters.


Motivation Hacks For Finals


During my time as undergraduate I always managed to get assignments during the term done, and submitted on time.

However, it was always finals that caused me the most anxiety and stress. Often times it would result in a drop of the grades I built up working hard to complete assignments. This frustrated me for years. I felt like unless I learned to dominate the finals season, my mediocre grades would continue.

At the same time I saw students experiencing significantly less stress over achieving their academic goals than me. No Red Bull fuelled 14 hour study sessions, no brain-frying cramming the day of the exam, no crushing anxiety. It seemed that although they were definitely putting in lots of work, it was yielding better results for them than the soul-crushing efforts I was depending on.

Through hard work, trial and error and social networking I was able to implement the techniques these elite students were using to keep their sanity, and ultimately do LESS work, and get BETTER results when studying for finals.

Motivation during finals can be a hit or miss feeling.

One day you are pumped, ready to get work done, and focus with ease. Another, it takes 3 hours just to open Word and start typing and your mind is rabidly hunting for something to do other than what you need to do be doing.

This is not uncommon, and admittedly it can be a confusing feeling. If you suffered from low motivation, why would you work hard all semester just to blow it on the final?
For me, it came down to mental toughness, willpower, and forcing, or tricking myself into putting the work in. This only came with TRULY wanting the end result. For example, when I was in school as a means to make my peers and parents happy, I wasn’t truly motivated.

How To Tweak Your Lifestyle For Maximum Exam Domination


It seems like this is what every undergrad accepts as their destiny for that 2 week span. When you are new at university and you see everyone do it, it just seems like the right thing to do, despite being flawed in so many ways. Maybe it sounds cool to say “I’ve been up 24 hours straight prepping for this bio exam!” or maybe you just don’t know how else to approach it when it comes to the soul-destroying 24+ hour cram fests, they are mostly ineffective – and the worst part is that its self-inflicted pain.

You see, it seems all sanity goes out the window when exam schedules show up, and classes get out. It’s like they say “Good luck, see you for those two exams on Saturday, and don’t kill yourself”

Well, I did the all night study binges, sacrificing my health and sanity, sleeping curled up on a lounge chair somewhere on campus from 6AM-8AM, then studying till my 3 hour exam at 9ANm and saw little to no increase in marks given the effort put in. On top of that, after such a debacle my internal clock was totally messed up, which would take two or three days to fix.

What to do to pass exam successfully?
The year after I decided I couldn’t continue like this. I work hard to maintain a decent diet, don’t drink often, hit the gym 3-4 times a week, and a lot of it was going to waste during the exam period. There was NOTHING good coming from this type of prioritization, and scheduling . No improvement in grades. Not maintaining the body I built up for myself. Weak stress coping.

Efficient Daily Exam Prep Schedule For Maximum GPA Increase

Here was the new exam study schedule I came up with. This is how I planned my days
8:30AM – Alarm, eat, and change,
9:30AM – Gym for one hour. That’s in, workout, shower, and out. All in roughly 1 hour.
10:30AM – Begin studying.
11:30AM – 20 minute break
11:50AM – Continue studying
12:50PM – Lunch for 20min
1:10PM – Continue studying
(Note that another popular way to do this is alternating 20 minute study blocks with 2-5 minute breaks. I just find this better for me, so consider what you think will work better for you)

On and on – one hour straight studying, 20 minute break.

Alternate this throughout the day until about 10PM, at which point I finish up for the day. If you feel really tired and need to nap, take a QUICK 20MIN POWER NAP. Set your alarm and get up right away.

Yes, hit the gym in the morning to give yourself that boost of energy so you don’t lag. I need music while I study so I set a 1hr playlist of sexy jazz beats and let it go so I don’t use an excuse like “I need different music”. TV is always off, I ignore my phone for the most part, and I do this sitting at a desk, not in bed or a comfortable chair.

I find the 20min breaks are an outlet for retarded stuff like checking internet stuff, watching an episode of whatever I’m following at the moment, etc. But by having a STRICT 1 hour study block, I get stuff done BEFORE I reward myself with indulgence in less important things.

The point this system made for me was this.

I can study 9 hours from 9PM-6AM and totally obliterate my inner rhythm – or I can study 8 hours from 11AM to 9PM, actually be alert, eat a proper meal, hit the gym and schedule regular intervals to recharge my mental muscles.

The choice is obvious as far as I am concerned. If you already have a balanced productive schedule, keep with it. Study smarter, study more efficiently and leave the macho ‘I-stayed-up-26-hours-straight-to-get-ready-for-this-exam’ nonsense to those willing to give up health.